Usher brings it all to the table

Usher Raymond, an R&B singer and songwriter from Chattanooga, Tennessee, has made quite a name for himself since he rose to fame in the 1990s. Between then and now, Raymond has made and released six studio albums, including My Way, Confessions, and Raymond v. Raymond, which is currently the latest album released in 2010.

It has become apparent that R&B star will be releasing a seventh studio album this year. The album Looking 4 Myself is due to be released on June 12, 2012. Usher shows how he has grown from a teen sensation, to a dignified man, to a full on artist who expresses 100% artistic integrity.

According to a Reuters interview, the singer stated, “It was damn near a rebirth. I felt open and creative because I didn’t have anything in my mind. At some point, after making music for a long time, you have to find very new creative and innovative ways to do what you love.”


The lead single in Looking 4 Myself is titled “Climax” and has been made available to buy and download as of February 22. The second single from the album is called “Scream” and was premiered on April 26. Following the two singles was the single “Lemme See” which was released on May 8.

As far as influences go, Usher seems to have a very unique view on his roll model. Reuters provided the statement, “Picasso. I find inspiration in the fact that he found different ways to articulate himself. His artistic vision adjusted and he allowed himself to be in the moment and to be a part of what was going on around him in the art world. “

Looking 4 Myself will included elements of electronic and dance music as well as soul and hip-hop. The singer is said to be trying to create a new genre of music he calls “revolutionary pop”, which is several different genres combined.

The album will be introduced on June 11, with a performance at London’s HMV Forum for the “American Express Unstaged” live stream music series. His act will be directed by filmmaker Hamish Hamilton.