Justin Bieber 2012

Justin Beiber is currently booked to perform across seas in Norway and it’s not going to be a normal day’s work for this young heart throb. Beiber fans in Oslo have reached up to tens of thousands, and they’re fanatic! So fanatic, that the officials have to take precautionary measures to prevent a disaster.

Before his show at the Opera House, police have contacted the teen superstar asking for his assistance. Beiber used varies social media sites to talk to fans and alert them that the situation could get out of hand!

He urged them to keep their emotions under control so that the show could be safe and free of any accidents. On Twitter, Beiber wrote:

“for the show to happen u must all listen to the police. We are all concerned for your safety and I want what is best for u. please listen.”

In addition to these actions, officials in Oslo have declared a state of emergency to help calm all of the crazed “Beliebers” out there. Will this show be a success or a major disaster?

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