Rebecca Ferguson 

She was the runner-up on the British television show the “X-Factor” in 2010 and hasn’t slowed down since! Critics have her held at high acclaim, with statements comparing her to Aretha Franklin, and saying her voice is all the rage. The New York Daily News said “rich and resonant, tawny and thick, the voice of Rebecca Ferguson has a timber like no other and a character that speaks of a full life.”

The “X-Factor” contestant Rebecca Ferguson seems to be taking the music scene by storm as of lately. Simon Cowell’s company Syco and Columbia Records both back her with her debut album titled Heaven, which was released today!

She performs on the Today Show today, tomorrow; she will be on the View. She will also make a second appearance on the Today Show on June 1. In addition, Ferguson will be performing in Los Angeles for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 26.

It would seem that after her first televised appearance, she exploded overnight. Ferguson’s performance of her first single on the “X-Factor” last November encouraged numerous pre-orders for the album on, which boosted a 700% jump on the website. This was almost twice that of Rihanna, who sang a song from her new album that same night on the show.

She has also gotten popular with celebrities, including the popular Adele. In terms of Adele Ferguson said “She even admitted she voted for me 80 times when I was on the show. She means every word she sings, which I love.” Adele has endorsed Ferguson, and has directed her fans attention to the new singer.