Ray J Hospitalized after Billboard Awards

Trouble came for R&B singer/songwriter Ray J after the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday. After reportedly suffering from dehydrated and exhaustion, the singer was transported to a hospital in Las Vegas on the following Monday.

Ray J’s ill condition was most-likely brought on by all the activity he had been taking part in over the previous days. He had just returned from China after performing a concert and attending a meeting regarding a new business venture.  This trip took about 32 hours round trip proving to be a tiring one.

After returning to California, Ray J drove four hours to Las Vegas in order to host a launch party for a product he endorsed called Prince Reigns Hair Serum. He then attended The Billboard Music Awards where he encounters issues with Whitney Houston’s family.

After sitting next to Houston’s daughter, Whitney’s sister-in-law Patricia Houston called security to forcefully remove him.  It was said Ray J was one of the last people to be around Whitney Houston during the last hours of her life and had suffered greatly from her death.

It would seem this singer has undergone a rough few days. So far he is still under the care of the hospital. No news ofwhen he will be released has been made.