American Idol Season Finale

Who should emerge victorious on American Idol’s season finale?

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for! Have the popcorn ready and make sure the batteries in your control are charged because the season finale of American Idol will be broadcasted at 8/7c tonight on FOX.

Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips will be competing for the title of American Idol Live. So who will be the 11th victor of this hit television show? Both contestants competed on Americas Got Talent in previous years, but were both rejected. Sanchez competed at the age of 11-years-old and made it to the stage to perform in front of NBC hit’s judges, however Philips did not.

Why should Jessica Sanchez win anyway?

When looking back, it would seem that males have been dominating the competition for the last five years. Seeing that there have been five male American Idols in a row up to now, it seem that a female would be a refreshing change in pace. Not that gender really should be a deciding factor. Though, change can be nice now-and-then.

Philips seems to have the looks, but why another attractive fellow with a guitar? The concept doesn’t seem too original now-a-days. Not to mention (once again with gender) the fact that most of the male victors didn’t prove successful professionally, with exception to Scotty McCreery, who has been moving up the country music ranks.

Sanchez is young (16 years old), modern, sure to become a true diva, and is probably American Idol’s best bet for the recreation of the classic superstars that Idol has made (I.E. Kelly Clarkston).  She is an honest contestant and has done great songs, like her cover of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.

Why Philip Phillips Should win.

Phillips is original, which is obviously a huge asset is the competition, not to mention in making it in today music industry. He performed creative versions of songs like “Stand by Me” and “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel”. He voice is almost a spitting image of Dave Matthews, as some would say.

Philip Phillips seems to have a clear vision for his music career, which could prove him to be the most-likely of the two to make something out the good old American Idol “boost”. His song titled “Home” is catchy, enjoyable, and definitely radio worthy.

To say the least, the ladies love him. He is more confident that Jessica, and has a greater level of artistry. It’s safe to say Philips has evolved more throughout this competition, showing a promising career for the young singer/guitarist.

So, who do you believe should become American Idol’s next winner?