Justin Bieber Tour Dates For 2012Justin Bieber Tour Dates For 2012

Tickets for the much anticipated Justin Bieber Believe Tour, go on sale in May according to Beiber and his manager who both verified the dates via Twitter.

“For everyone asking. Looks like the Justin Bieber Tour Dates for 2012 #BelieveTour  will go on sale in May. We are studying MJ for this one. Thanks,” Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted on 4/4/12.

Biebs also confirmed that Believe tour tickets would go onsale in May 1 day following his manager response.

The singer has not yet confirmed Exact dates yet but expect they will be available for purchase sometime in May. In the meantime follow us on our Facebook or Twitter page for for upcoming contests, and your change to win  free Justin Bieber tickets.

Biebers Believe Video Teaser

Info: Justin Bieber Tour Dates For 2012