ImageAs you all know, this month is a big one for the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. Teams will be playing to break down the final four of the NCAA 2012 season. March Madness, as it is often called, will be kicking off several games today and tomorrow to establish the Mens Final Four teams for the southern, western, and midwestern conferences.

NCAA Basketball teams facing off today are:
Murray State vs. Colorado State (12:15 pm on CBS)
Kansas State vs. Southern Mississippi (12:40 pm on TruTV)
Louisville vs. Davidson (1:40 pm on TBS)
Wisconsin vs. Montana (2:10 pm on TNT)
Marquette vs. BYU (2:45 pm on CBS)
Syracuse vs. UNC Asheville (3:10 pm on TruTV)
New Mexico vs. Long Beach State (4:10 pm on TBS)
Vanderbilt vs. Harvard (4:40 pm on TNT)
Furthermore, teams to play this evening will include:
Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky (6:50 pm on TBS)
Wichita State vs. VCU (7:15 pm on CBS)
Gonzaga vs. West Virginia (7:20 pm on TNT)
Baylor vs. South Dakota State (7:27 pm on TruTV)
Iowa State vs. Connecticut (9:20 pm on TBS)
Indiana vs. New Mexico State (9:45 on CBS)
Ohio State vs. Loyola (9:50 pm on TNT)
UNLV vs. Colorado (9:57 pm on TruTV)
Kentucky and Syracuse, statistically are more favorable to win for the first bracket of the tournament with records of 32 wins and 2 losses (Kentucky) and 31 wins and 2 losses (Syracuse). Duke and Ohio state are second in records with 27 wins and 6 losses (Duke) and 27 wins and 7 losses (Ohio State). Unfortunately for Syracuse, they are missing their starting center Fab Melo, a 7 foot tall giant who was a huge asset to the team. He was made ineligible by Syracuse University due to acedemic reasons and for three absences earlier in the season. My bets are placed… are yours?