On Monday, March 12, 2012, ‘Bachelor’ Ben proposes to Courtney, of Scottsdale, during the season finale of the television series, The Bachelor. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the other girl? I think a lot of people may have favored Lindzi Cox, the runner-up on this season. Many Bachelor fans are probably dying to know how she feels about Ben’s decision. I know, given I was a girl, if my last date with someone involved a horse-drawn carriage, skiing down the Swiss Alps, and a picnic on the stopped tramway that traveled up to the Matterhorn, hovering high over the Alps, I would definitely never get that out of my memory or my heart! Isn’t that like a dream come true to most of you ladies? Us average guys couldn’t even imagine having the time and money to arrange such a thing!

According to an interview on ENews, Lindzi Cox seems pretty over the whole thing. She states in the interview, “I don’t have any hard feelings at all towards Ben. I think that at the end of day, he has to make the decision that’s best for him. I respect his decision. I wish him nothing but the best”. This seems awfully sporty of her, but I personally question if she’s retaining her loathing for being rejected on television after one of the most romantic dates ever. The subject of her telling him to call him if things don’t work out was brought up and she coolly explained how it was a joke… but was it? They asked her if he did call her, what would she do. She states, “If he calls me and wanted to be my buddy, absolutely…” but that’s debatable in my opinion.

With all my opposition and disbelief set aside, you gotta admit Cox does seem really cool about it. She has seemed to get over it well as she says in the interview, “…so I sort of decided, along with the producers, that I’m in a good place and I don’t need closure…”. Good for her! On the bright side, she got fame from the show, and some nice jewelry and shoes. That’s a bonus right? The question comes up on if she would go on the Bachelorette if she were still single when the next season airs and she said, “Absolutely, I would consider it, if it was an option for me. The experience I had on The Bachelor was so great. What an opportunity to go back and have my own chance with 25 victims.”

How people can find love on a television series that is viewed by millions, is beyond me. However it clearly is possible! I personally, would be under far too much pressure; it’s like thousands of people you don’t know watching you and hearing every word you say as you and your girlfriend or significant other go out to eat at a high-end restaurant. Could you focus on the compatibility between you and twelve other women while having a camera crew constantly following you? I’m sure a lot of guys would kill to have twelve attractive women after them! But seriously, when push comes to shove, that has to be tough! What do you think?