Chances are, if you are reading this and you are thrity years or older, you probably aren’t to familiar with the British Boy Band One Direction. However, if you are a teenage girl, I’d be willing to bet you are well aware of the existance of these five “hunky” fellows. Regardless, there is a good chance everyone in North America will be hearing about One Direction tour one way or another. They are set to be cannon balling into the United States and it is predicted, by Simon Cowell himself, that they will be making quite the splash!

For those who don’t know, One Direction is five piece boy band from the United Kingdom. They gained their popularity through The X Factor U.K., a talent show initiated by Simon Cowell (the seriously critical/my favorite judge from American Idol). One Direction came in third place on the seventh series of the show and even though they didn’t win the competition, I believe they probably won in overall popularity and post-show success. After The X Factor, the quintet signed to Syco Records, which is a nationally combined business between Simon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment.

It seems like the boy band thing hasn’t been all that popular since the late 90’s, maybe early (very early) 2000’s since Backstreet was back. Other than that, it seemed as though the boy band crave tapered away. At least Justin Timberlake made his career last. Yet, it is said that they could bring back this fem-driven style of music with their eye catching appearances (yeah, they’re cute) and their lyrically sweet, pop songs that have all the teen girls raging.

The group’s debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” was released into public on September 11, 2011. It achieved the number one rank on the UK Singles Chart, selling over 150 thousand copies, making it become the third quickest selling single of 2011. Their first first and currently only album Up All Night reached number two on the UK Albums Chart after selling over 138 thousand copies. The single “What Makes You Beautiful” won the award for Best British Single at the 2012 BRIT Awards in February 2012. One direction has also published three books, these being One direction:Forever young (Our Official X Factor Story), which was released on February 2011; One Direction: The Official Annual 2012, released on September 1, 2011; and Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction which achieved  the top spot on the Sunday Times Non fiction Hardback Bestseller list.

Seeing that they have been so very successful this far in their career, what are the odds that they will flourish in the United States? I’ve seen a lot of critism from the male crowd, but does that surprise you? Dude’s don’t admitt to liking Justin Bieber or The Backstreet Boys, so why would they be anything but disapproving of this bands entrance into the States? I may be a dude, but I think they may just pull it off over here, specially with the huge number of young females residing in this great nation! What do you think?