What kind of word is Lollapalooza any? I mean, is it even a word? Well, according to Perry Farrell, the founder of the festival and the singer of Jane’s Addicition, Lollapalooza is in the dictionary, and it means “something and/or someone great and/or wonderful”. He also mentioned how it has a second meaning, which is “a giant swirling lolipop”. I’d say the first meaning best clairifies what the Lollapalooza music festival is all about, at least I’d hope!

Lollapalooza was inspired by the various events put on my Bill Graham, a well known rock producer in his time. Perry Farrell, along side Ted gardener, Marc Geiger, and Don Muller, brought the event into life in 1990 as a farewell tour for Farrell’s band Jane’s Addicition. Though most music festivals like Woodstock, with acception to Warped Tour, were only once a year events, Lollapalooza was, and still is, a touring festival that travelled across the United States and Canada.

The festival has been highly success, featuring big acts like Eminem, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, and many, many more! The tour allows the experience of many genres including alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock and hip hop. However, music is not the only performing art at the festival. Comedy shows are mixed in with the performances, in addition to the craft booths laid out throughout the area of the venue.

This year should be just as legend… wait for it… dary as ever!  Farrel’s band Jane’s Addiction will be featuring their new album, which hasn’t come out yet. The festival will be going to Chili and Brazil as well as the United States and Canada, and tickets are already available.

The line up for this year will include:

Foo fighters

Arctic Monkeys

Jane’s Addiction


TV On The Radio

Thievery Corporation


Calvin Harris

Foster the People

Band of Horses

This is only a short list of band’s playing this year, one can expect an awesome plethora of bands to be performing, how else would the festival get such a cool name? More listing are expected to be announced in the next couple months.