Foster The People 2012 Tour

It all started after Mark Foster, the founding member, graduated from high school in Cleveland and moved to his uncle’s in Sylmar, Los Angeles. He was 18 years old, looking to make a living playing music. He worked varies jobs and attended Hollywood parties in order to network with possible big shots. By the time he was 19, he was struggling with drug addiction and was falling away from the path he was pursuing. Finally, he said enough was enough and begain being production.

After several failed attampts at starting a band, the 22 year old Foster was contacted by Aftermath Entertainment about showcasing his musical talents. The event fell through, unfortunitly. For the next few years Mark Foster worked at a cafe, with lack of motivation. He landed a job in jingle writing, however, regaining his confidence in music. He would perform at venues, just him and his laptop, and that’s when he decided, once more, that he was in need of a band.

In 2009, Foster the People was born out of a newly formed relationship with drummer Mark Pontius, who left his group to form the band with Foster. Soon after, Mark’s long-time friend Cubbie Fink joined the group playing bass. The band’s original name was Foster & the People, however many people would mishear it to be “Foster the People”. So, after some consideration they kept that idea, and the name stuck.

Foster the People gained record lable attention in 2010 with their song titled “Pumped Up Kicks”. After the song was posted online, it went viral. They hired Kredel and Brett Williams to co-manage the band and arranged meetings with several record lables, including Warner Bros., Atlantic, Columbia, and Universal Republic. They signed to Columbia. In 2011 many alternative radio stations began playing “Pumped Up Kicks”, including Sirius XM. Soon after the song appeared on the Alternative Songs chart.

Foster the People is considered to be a indie pop band. The members still consist of the original three. The Band has released one studio album titled Torches (2011) which follow their Ep titled Foster the People (also 2011). They’ve been nominated and/or won several awards including MTV Video Music Awards, SharkOne Awards, and 54th Grammy Awards.