According to their official website, Creed is due to begin their 2012 tour on April 13th in Chicago, Illinois at the Chicago Theatre. In addition, it is said that they could possibly have a fifth studio album on the way this summer. Their past four studio albums include My Own Prison from 1997, Human Clay from 1999, Weathered from 2001, and Full Circle from 2009. It was rumored that the band would release a acoustic album and a new single in 2011, however, the rumor was proven untrue, with neither done by the end of 2011. At least one things for certain, we can all look forward to a great tour this year, so I’m not complaining.


In 2011, Creed was listed as best rock bands of all time in the Hard Rock Band Bracket. They have won numerous awards with the RIAA, with three albums going 6x to 11x platinum from 2002 to 2004. In addition, they won a Grammy Award for their song “With Arms Wide Open” in 2001, and were nominated for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for their “My Sacrifice” and “With Arms Wide Open”.

On September 25, 2009, Creed made their first live performance when they performed a concert in Houston, Texas that was recorded, and broadcast on a live internet stream. It was then  released on December 8, 2010 titled Creed Live, as a live concert film. This performance broke four world records! These include the world record for the most amount of cameras used at a live music event. They took this record from previous holder, Justin Timberlake. The performance also featured the very first usage of the “big freeze” technology, popularized by The Matrix, in a concert environment.


The band’s current line up consists of Scott Stapp who does vocals, Mark Tremonti the guitarist, drummer Scott Phillips, and the bassist Brian Marshall. Stapp and Tremonti are the original founding members. They’ve also had two touring members, and a previous rythme guitarist. In 2005 they entered a indefinite hiatus, which ended in 2009 with their tour. As far as musical classification, I guess creed has been labeled as a Christian rock band due to the fact that their first three albums focus on questions of faith, Christianity, and eternity which I find pretty cool. It’s a nice change in topic in consideration of most modern rock bands.