The Ting Tings 2012 Concert Tour

The epic duo from England, The Ting Tings, are due to be releasing their second studio album in early 2012, titled Sounds From Nowheresville. You may have caught wind of them from songs like “That’s Not My Name” or “Hands” which were, and may still be, broadcasted on radios nationwide, both in the United States and the U.K.. Their first studio album proved to be a great success, selling over two million copies in the U.K., and four million singles sold worldwide.

They began Sounds From Nowheresville in Paris, France in the basement of a former jazz club. Jules de Martino stated that they chose Berlin “to have complete, crazy freedom”. The band seemed to want to seperate themselves from friends, family, and everyone else who could distract them from their work. It is said that they collaborated with rapper Jay-Z and Rihanna, and the album will be featuring a variety of genres, according to the band.


Sounds From Nowheresville will be released on the 27th of February 2012 in the U.K. and in early March in the United States. They’ve already released two songs from the album titled, “Silence” and “Hang It Up”. The track list consist of ten songs, these being:

1.       “Silence”

2.       “Hit Me Down Sonny”

3.       “Hang It Up”

4.       “Give It Back”

5.       “Guggenheim”

6.       “Soul Killing”

7.       “One by One”

8.       “Day to Day”

9.       “Help”

10.     “In Your Life”


Interestingly, the band gave artists and graphic designers the opportunity to create various art and videos to present the band. This project is called “Show Us Yours”. Artist Milan Abad caught the bands attention with a rendition of bot Katie White and Jules de Martino as skeletons. This particular piece was set to be their album artwork.


They are currently touring in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, from Vancouver to the El Primavera Festival in Mexico. They will most-likely be playing songs from their new album, or at least I would assume! So far tour dates have been released up to May, 5.