It has become apparent to me, these past few months, that there is a new style of music making its way to the top and it seems to being quite promising. I’m talking about Dub-Step, a kind of music that blends techno, hip-hip, electronica and house music into it’s own revolutionary style. Though I’ve never really been into it myself until recently, I can say I’ve witnessed it in commercials and even movies without even realizing it!

Skrillex is a DJ also known as Sonny Moore, who was previously the vocalist of popular post-hardcore band From First to Last. In his music, he remixes popular songs by artists like Lady Gaga as well as his own work. Popular songs by him include First of the Year, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and Rock N Roll. Skrillex doesn’t operate under the usual style of your ordinary, everyday musician. His songs have intense beats, thick synth, very high to very low synthesized vocals and lots of sampled in noises that could be from nearly anything! The more accurate description of his current occupation would be production.

He is currently on tour in the United States and the United Kingdom, performing along side various artists such as Kill The Noise, Koan Sound, and more. During these performances are vast light shows and lots of hype as Moore goes to work on his techniqual stage equipment programming and mixing up his popular tracks and sounds. It is clear the Sonny Moore has come a long way since the beginning of his musical career.

As Skrillex, his most modern work includes the studio album Voltage which will be released sometime in 2012, his Eps My Name Is Skrillex, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, More Monsters and Sprites, and Bangarang. He is associated with the labels Big Beat, Mau5trap, and most recently OWSLA. He is 23 years old, has been associated with the bands From First to Last, Korn, and Kaskade. Tickets for his tour are selling fast, so if you want to beat the rush, get skrillex tickets before they’re sold out!